Book Cover Redesign: Dark of Winter

Over the last few weeks I have been looking to redesign the cover of Dark of Winter, my dark fantasy novel.  Today, I have selected my favourite and I am please to share it with my readers.  I’m thrilled with the changes and confident it will catch the readers’ imagination.


Below I’ve explained why I think the change was required:

  • Whilst I was pleased with the original cover I  thought that the tree image alone portrayed a Nordic Noir feel, misreprenting the genre completely.
  • Adding the “bloody atmosphere” made it immediately clearer to potential readers that it is a dark fantasy novel.
  • The title and authors name remained the same with the red ‘t’ within Winter – it has a significant meaning so did not want it changed.
  • It’s almost a year since Dark of Winter was published so I consider this a ‘darker’ anniversary cover.

Let me know what you think of the redesign in the comments below.


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