Dark of Winter re- formatted

I have discovered over the last five years that becoming an independent author is seriously hard work and I don’t just mean the creative aspect of it.  This world of words and formatting and cover design and editing is as far removed from my normal life as is possible to be.

In real life I’m a grunt. I move things with my hands and rarely get to use my head.

But I learn fast and I love writing and this is where I want to be: who I want to be.

Looking back at my first attempt at book writing I realised that the formatting for Dark of Winter wasn’t consistent and in some instances just confused the flow of the story.

I have grown significantly to recognise these shortfalls and have addressed them by reformatting so that it is an easier read.

Some may wonder why I bother doing this as it’s a cast stone, a done deed but I have to exorcise my own demons and be the best author I can be, even if I fall well short from the standards of my professional peers.

As ever I’m not looking for perfection just good old fashioned non-agenda driven entertainment.

Some have hated my efforts, others loved them and I’m sure this will continue with all that I write, but I give you the reader the best I’m capable of, every time.

All the best Christopher Percy x

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