Turned Tales Two

That's a mouthful! Try saying that quickly!! I did it with Dark of Winter - All Roads Lead to Ammin. And then I did it with Since Never - Turned Tales. Now I'm working on Turned Tales Two, short story companion to Time Tells. Now that really is a mouthful, Turned Tales Two short story … Continue reading Turned Tales Two


Enjoyed the book now wear the T-shirt! For fans of Christopher Percy we have created merchandise to accompany the dark fantasy novels. Many designs are available from Redbubble including T-shirts, postcards, posters, phone cases and more. Since Never Say Hello-Crowe Shield Seal Hoodie Shield Seal Hot Pink Dark of Winter Monster Time Tells phone case

Update Sept ’20

We are in turbulent times. Over the last six months there have been many distractions from writing but things have moved forward, slowly yet assuredly. I found myself as one of those classed as a 'key worker' and have been working throughout this pandemic. The world's been quiet, the roads empty, a perfect opportunity to … Continue reading Update Sept ’20

It’s here! Announcing the launch of my newly redesigned book cover

Christopher Percy is proud to launch a newly redesigned book cover for his debut novel Dark of Winter. He has redesigned it to have a more 'dark' feel. The story is violent, bloody and damn right nasty which he feels is beautifully conveyed in the new cover.¬† It could be argued that there was some … Continue reading It’s here! Announcing the launch of my newly redesigned book cover