Since Never

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Category: Dark Fantasy ¦ Horror ¦ Fiction


The King has died and our city mourns. From the ashes of his old administration confusion rises and our enemies from the south send dark agents to take advantage of our weakness. I have something they want. I am charged with its security but even I am at a loss as to why it is so important and relentlessly they pursue me.

My name is Flendin the Blade and I am a thief. Providence bestowed a monster and a devil to watch over me, proving that friendships can be forged in the most unlikely of places and between the most wicked of people. Together we safeguard my charge. Together we find cohesion, purpose and brotherhood.

My life had not been the same since leaving Never, and everything would change upon my return there.

If you like endearing anti-heroes, grimdark violence, dark humour and a genre redefining story bursting with originality and imagination then you’ll fall in love with Christopher Percy’s gritty tale.

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