Cover Reveal for All Roads Lead to Ammin: a collection of four short stories under one title plus bonus content!

So the wait is over…it’s cover reveal day!

All roads lead to Ammin
All Roads Lead to Ammin is a compendium that brings all four previously free Dark of Winter ‘origins’ short stories together for convenience with the added bonus of including the first chapter from my new novel: SINCE NEVER Book One of The Turned Trilogy.

Alternatively each short story is still available separately for free on most eBook sites.  Since Never will be released later this year.

Synopsis: Four short stories focusing on certain key characters from the novel DARK OF WINTER have been brought together for the first time, along with a bonus never-seen-before first chapter from Christopher Percy’s new dark fantasy novel SINCE NEVER, Book One of The Turned Trilogy.

They were tales that were lost to the world of snow and ice in the northern territories. No one knew about them – until now.

These short stories shed some light on the inhabitants of the village of Sumner and the mighty King. Learn how it all begins… before the DARK OF WINTER strikes.

All Roads Lead to Ammin brings the past to the reader in these unique dark fantasy short stories. Contains four short stories: WHITE, REINA, DEADEYE and FIALSUN.


Forty years ago…

Keddic and Godin the adventurous duo, have travelled to a nearby phantom village which holds a deep fascination to the young boys of Sumner. A thick fog surrounds these ruins, shrouding it in menace. Will Keddic and Godin be safe as they investigate or does trouble lurk nearby in this abandoned site?


Seven years ago…

Herre, an expectant mother, is frightened she will lose her baby as her waters have not broken and instead she is hemorrhaging excessively. Her husband Stoneman rushes from their hut to fetch White, Sumner’s village elder but will they return in time to assist or will a worse fate call at her door?


Sixteen months ago…

Deadeye was forced to leave Sumner as a young boy when his father Serpent was banished and ended up in the slums of the city of Vague. Can Deadeye escape this life and return to Sumner or will his drunken father continue to ruin his future?


Eight months ago…

An impossible crime has been committed in an impenetrable room of the palace. Is someone or something more powerful than the mighty King Fialsun?


The short stories have previously been published individually under the collective title of Dark of Winter ‘Origins’ Short Stories.

Ready to secure your copy?

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All Roads Lead to Ammin will be released on Friday 25th May 2018 and is available for only 99p/99c (subject to exchange rates).

What do you think to the cover, the title of All Roads Lead to Ammin and my upcoming dark fantasy novel Since Never? Let me know in the comments.

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