Update Sept ’20

We are in turbulent times. Over the last six months there have been many distractions from writing but things have moved forward, slowly yet assuredly.

I found myself as one of those classed as a ‘key worker’ and have been working throughout this pandemic. The world’s been quiet, the roads empty, a perfect opportunity to write stories, to knuckle down and bury myself in the craft of book writing but lo, the children have been off school and many opportunities to write have been lost.

But despite working hard at the day job and the household, along with the rest of the world, on lockdown, I have managed to do some writing. I completed my collection of short stories that accompanies Since Never and have created a paperback version of All Roads Leads to Ammin, that now includes activities such as a word search, maze and a dot to dot. A little bit of fun in these uncertain times.

More importantly I have made some considerable headway into the second part of the Turned Trilogy, Time Tells. I have written a third of the novel and chosen a cover and I simply can’t wait for it to be released so fans of the first book can finally catch up with Flendin and his friends on the next part of their unconventional journey.

On a serious note I trust you are all keeping well against the cruel pincer movement of modern times. We have Covid-19 on the one side and the effect it is having on the economies of the world on the other and I hope that reading my books affords you some distraction from these negativities. Hope my writing entertains, stimulates and helps you all forget that these are dark days we are living in and that maybe, just maybe, Flendin has it harder.

Stay safe, stay happy

Christopher Percy 🙂

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