It’s here! Announcing the launch of my newly redesigned book cover

Christopher Percy is proud to launch a newly redesigned book cover for his debut novel Dark of Winter.

He has redesigned it to have a more ‘dark’ feel. The story is violent, bloody and damn right nasty which he feels is beautifully conveyed in the new cover.  It could be argued that there was some ambiguity with the old picture. A reader could have been confused by the trees and the snow and would be shocked when finally confronted by a makorunt or a papilier or even a giant wobbly arkensaw.  Now there can be no misunderstanding: if you pick up Dark of Winter and you will be ripped to pieces and eaten.*

3d cover

The red T remains as that is a ‘hidden’ message for readers to discover its meaning.

So please go forth and treat yourself, only don’t go running to your mamma when you start having bad dreams.  Though do contact Christopher; I hear he likes to keep tabs of those he has made wet the bed!

Dark of Winter can be found at all major eBook sellers using books2read to take you to your favourite store.

The paperback will be available with the new cover shortly.

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