The CP Weekly round up #6

Welcome to another weekly round up from Christopher Percy.  Finally the heatwave in England has gone and we are left with a typical British summer – slightly cloudy with a splash of rain – just how I like it!

Though during the heatwave, secrets of England’s buried history have been discovered.  Sky News reported that patterns in crops and grass have been seen by archaeologists surveying the countryside from the air, discovering Neolithic ceremonial monuments, Iron Age settlements, square burial mounds and a Roman farm for the first time.  So some good has come from this heat at least.

My News

This week I have spent time considering a map for my next book, Since Never.  I have had fun getting my crayons out!  Though I have to be honest, there are no promises that it will be included if I’m not 100% happy with it.   In a different approach to map making for fantasy novels, JRR Tolkien once wrote “I wisely started with a map and made the story fit” (Country Life). Mind you, he was pretty good at drawing as well as writing.

Twitter is also a great place to virtually meet other authors, reviewers and readers, and  I was lucky enough to follow one such person just as he was giving away a personalised piece of “nightmare-inducing digital art” – his words not mine.  This is what Sadir S Samir kindly created for me.


He is an awesome companion that I will treat well and feed from time to time.  In fact when I look at the drawing he could even be one of the characters from my next novel, Since Never. Perhaps. Something about that mouth…….

Images in the fantasy world are quite usual, so it interesting to see the artist behind Terry Pratchett’s Disc World series, Josh Kirby, is to display a quarter of a century of his work, which can be found at Maidstone Museum in Kent until the 1st September.

Other News

The Bookseller published an article stating Oceanofpdf a website that was giving away pirated book was taken down.  Hooray!  But other pirates have taken to the book waves as found in an article on Publishers Weekly, making a digital copy of another authors book and put it onto CreateSpace to sell!  You really can’t trust people to do the decent thing.

sunset ship boat sea
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For some authors using Amazon to self-publish their books through KDP Select, they have found their books banned for no reason according to Yahoo Finance.  Those affected insist they haven’t done anything wrong.  It seems some unsavoury types had been rigging their books to trick Amazon’s systems so they get paid even though they didn’t deserve to be.

In an article from the Goodmenproject, Author James Laird had to rescue the rights to their book when they were stolen from him, so has shared a few tips on how to protect yourself when self-publishing.

blur brainstorming business close up
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When I’m not writing or working, I like to play video games so was pleased to see Rockstar Games releasing some in-game play footage of the upcoming Red Dead Redemption 2.  Games sure have come a long way since the good old days of the zx Spectrum and its rubber keyboard.

That’s me for another week.  Back to the crayons!

Christopher Percy x

multicolored crayons inside clear plastic round case
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