The CP Weekly Round up #3

Welcome to the third installment of the weekly round-up of things in the world of Christopher Percy.  This week there have been no power cuts to delay me, so without a further to do, here I go…

My News

I’ve now got 1 day left of my holiday (boo-hoo) and I managed to finish editing those last 40 pages of my next novel Since Never.  Having finished that part it was time to forward the manuscript to the format department to do their magic; oh right that’s me too as being a true independent author I do all the work myself. And I even model for the front cover! Not nudey, cheeky!

I don’t do absolutely everything though as I have some real bona-fide beta-readers to call on. I’ve sent e-copies to them for their thoughts and suggestions, which prompts me to say that if any among you are beta-readers and enjoy dark fantasy then please contact me to get a free copy in return for some honest feedback. Fingers-crossed I can get everything up and ready for release in late August or early September.

Oh boy, oh boy – it’s nerve racking to think another one of my novels will be out there in the big wide world for all to read. I only hope people enjoy reading them as much as I do writing them and that Since Never gets reviews just as good as Dark of Winter has.

Writing about my books being out there, a month or so ago one of my short stories was requested by a library patron in Texas via OverDrive, I discovered this week that my novel ‘Dark of Winter’ has been put into a Lincolnshire public library.  Let’s hope the book get’s lots of stamps.

So request it from a Lincolnshire Library and when you borrow it, send me a picture of the inside stamp markings (I might just send you a pin badge in return) or request one yourself from your local library – go on you know you want to! Well I mean go on, you know I want you to!

lincolnshire library DoW

News in the book and authors world

Following on from previous weeks, I’d like to share with you another set of news articles that have tickled my brain or I’ve shared via social media.

It’s interesting to think that if any alien lived on Pluto, that they would see our planet pass in front of the sun, or as one twitter user put it “Who goes to Pluto to see it? Apart from Mickey Mouse obviously

From Pluto, Earth to transit sun on July 12

Earth transits seen from Pluto are rare. The last one happened in 1931, a year after Clyde Tombaugh discovered Pluto. It won’t happen again for 161 years.

Pirates are the bane of the internet – the modern day seven seas; but finally some good news as a site full of Blackbeards got closed down.  Let’s hope that ebook readers take a big hint and move this way to the legitimate websites like Manga fans seem to. You may have to pay a little bit of money but at least it’s a quality read with no malicious software woven into the programme.

The closure of a prolific pirate manga website is a boon for authors

The closure of one of the largest pirated manga websites in Japan is led to authors and publishers seeing an influx of revenue. This is proving that manga users are more likely to purchase digital content, than ebook readers who will just move on to the next pirate site when one shuts down.

When I write, I often picture my novels as films, especially with the action scenes, so it’s always good to see that books make great movies. If any studio would like to contact me about turning my novels into massive films franchises I’m here. Right here. Seriously I haven’t moved. I’ll put the phone right next to me, just in case……still here. Just sitting here……waiting. Not a problem.

Movies Based On Books Make More Money At The Box Office, According To A New Study

Even though they say the book is always better, the movies are doing quite all right for themselves. New research from the Publishers Association, a U.K. trade organization, shows that movies based on books make more money at the box office than those based on original screenplays or other media, and not just in the U.K. The report — which is titled “Publishing’s Contribution to the Wider Creative Industries” and is available for download on the Publishers Association website — notes that “Book adaptations historically earn 44% more money in the UK (an extra £5.4m per film) and 53% more globally (an extra $91m per film) than films based on original screenplays.”

man holding clapper board
Photo by Martin Lopez on


So that’s me wrapped up for another week, and it’s back to the grindstone called work – wish me lots of luck with that! Thank you for reading. See you soon.

Hang on, some bloke called Spielberg’s on the phone…..tell him to hold I’m blogging!

Christopher Percy x

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