The CP Weekly Round-up #2

Welcome to the second weekly round-up of things in the world of Christopher Percy.  It’s a little later in the day than planned as my wife decided to go and cut the hedge today.  This is not a euphemism, I really mean a hedge. All goes well until she nicks the cable and trips the power to the house.  Mmm, I swear she does it on purpose so I have to go and do it instead, especially as this is the third trimmer she has cut the cable on in the last 6 years!

My News

So I’ve now got 11 days (or should that be nights) off from my job (the most I have in one block), and have been spending the first few days of it continuing editing my next novel “Since Never”.  I hope very soon to be able to reveal the cover to you all.

The cover competition for SPFBO has been trickling in over the last week, but alas, mine is not one of them.  The entries that have been selected by each reviewer can be seen on Mark Lawrence’s blog.. I must say that they all look really good. Nice work people.

News in the book and authors world

Following on from last week, I’d like to share with you another set of news articles that have tickled my brain or I’ve shared via social media.

To kick off (the world cup is still going), this one is outside my usual plane of existence by a few million miles.  Now I enjoy reading about planets, black holes, aliens and look forward to the BBC’s Sky at Night programme each month, so this caught my eye when I read it.

Object twice size of Earth hit Uranus and caused it to tilt

sky space telescope universe
Photo by Pixabay on

The planet Uranus was given its tilt after being hit in a “cataclysmic collision” by a massive object roughly twice the size of Earth, new research has suggested.

Following on from the problems I found recently in my book being available without my permission, I was interested to see what might happen to this potential copyright EU law.  It was rejected by the MEPs but they are going to debate it again (at times it seems that’s all they do, is talk talk talk). We need action not debate in this digital age to protect our hard work, though at times I do think we are flogging a dead horse on that one!

Publishers and authors have expressed their disappointment and “worry” after a controversial EU copyright law was rejected by parliament.

blue and yellow round star print textile
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Editing a book and checking for consistency takes a long time, so could this new tool be the answer for those authors without editors? Up to 200,000 words would cost a one-off payment of £30.  Anyone tried this software and if so what did you think of it? Let me know in the comments below.

Could text analysis tool The Bookalyser be a copy-editor’s new best friend?


Recently I shared an article on social media entitled “Are Authors Really that poor? – the misperception that somehow listing a book for sale equates to a carefree lifestyle“.

I saw this as an alternative view on the information shared. It seems, that perhaps the wrong people have been asked about remuneration, which is throwing the statistics out.

Author Income Surveys Are Misleading and Flawed—And Focus on the Wrong Message for Writers

accounting analytics balance black and white
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Another good way to find perspective new readers is to attend a Book Show.  This one is being held in Worthing, West Sussex in October and open for authors to sign up to.

Due to work schedule I’m not able to attend (I can’t -no that should be won’t- change my holiday, as I did a few years ago and my employers messed my wages up big time!) but I hope to be able to leave some information at the fair (I see trailers are available as a spot), so I hope to be present in some form or another.

Welcome to the UK Southern Book Show. The next show will be held again in Worthing – on 28th October 2018 at Field Place Manor House & Barns. This event is bound to attract book lovers from near and far and give UK authors a chance to meet their readers. To cover the venue hire and advertising costs, then I am hoping that 50 authors will sign up for this event.


It’s wonderful to see a message written in a book by Charles I has been found; I do hope my works last that long! Hopefully I won’t lose my head though!

Charles I’s ‘message for the future’ discovered in poetry book.

So that’s me wrapped up for this week, and it’s back to the novel editing – wish me luck. Forty pages left to check and maybe, just maybe, she’s good to go.

Christopher Percy x

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