The CP Weekly Round up #1

So I thought I would add a new feature to my website each week (thats the plan anyway) to keep you up to date with my news or other news that is relevant or current in the literacy world. And perhaps any news articles that I find interesting or amusing.

To kick off (world cup pun intended) it’s been hot in England, and what a racket (drop in Wimbledon there) people make when they’re enjoying the sun! Am I alone in wishing it would cool down as it makes it nearly impossible to sleep, write and work in these temperatures when you’re not used to them!

My News

As you saw from my Self Published Fantasy Blog Off 2018 post, I’ve entered Dark of Winter into the Self Published Fantasy Blog Off (SPFBO) contest run by fantasy author Mark Lawrence.  I have been allocated to Lynn’s Books to be reviewed along with 29 other books. Another part of the contest is for the reviewers to pick three favourite covers in their group, the results of which she will post this coming Friday.  Some of the other reviewers have already picked theirs which can be seen on Mark Lawrence’s blog.

I’ve been considering other marketing material for a while now and the first item I ordered were pin badges created with my warrior logo.  Take a look at the finished product below. I ordered a small batch just to see what they looked like and, I have to say, I really like them. I wear one all the time, posted one to my mother, handed one over to my wife, my step daughter, my two sons, etc….result five left.

I’m also working on creating a bookmark too, so more details on that when its available.

In relation to SPFBO, I’ve completed my first interview for The Thousand Scar’s Muse which should be published soon – it seems quite a few other authors have done an interview too, but once it’s up I’ll announce it here so you can read some of the thoughts inside the head of Christopher Percy.

I’ve been making changes to my next novel Since Never and hope to work on it over the next few weeks in earnest as I have some time off from my soul destroying real world job.

On a serious note, and I recommend every indie author to do likewise,  once a week I check to see if anyone has published anything in relation to me or my works – I might miss a cracking review if I don’t or as I discovered something more sinister had occurred.

Using the Google Search Console and Google alerts, you are able to see if anyone links to your site or publishes an article about you.  In one such search last week I discovered a crooked site purporting to offer my book (without my permission I might add), but they’d changed the synopsis, reworded parts of it, and in doing so it was no longer my synopsis but a garbled nonsensical passage of blurb. I mean stealing from me is one thing but parading something as mine or altering something I’d worked on really takes the biscuit.

On another site, the pirates had added lots of smut to the beginning of each sentence in my free short stories.  They had used Smashwords logo and formatting on their sites, so I’ve informed Smashwords of this and they are kindly looking into it.

Then I found another article published on The Bookseller on the same problem hitting authors including Philip Pullman, Robin Stevens and Maz Evans who have “reacted angrily to a new website offering free illegal downloads of their books”. They have their publishers able to sort the problem out, all I have is me!

So it is always worth setting these things up and monitoring them. I just wished hosting companies were quicker off the mark closing down these dodgy websites that are not only giving away books for free but altering some of the content in the authors name.

News in the book and authors world

So this week these are the news articles that have tickled my brain or I’ve shared with the writers community via social media.

I enjoyed reading The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit as a child so this peaked my interest.  I won’t be going as its too far away but it’s great to see this author being recognised for his works. Hey Tolkien needs all the support he can get. Though personally I don’t think he’ll do that well in the fantasy market. Try LGBT romance market mate.

Intriguing unseen pieces by J.R.R.Tolkien to be displayed for first time among larger collection of his artworks

The Bodleian Libraries have compiled unseen pieces by J.R.R.Tolkien to be displayed for first time among larger collection of his artworks.

I’d been lucky enough to sign-up to this early this year when on the off chance I noticed it was open again. I’ve sold a few books via this outlet and even saw my book listed as similar to GRR Martin at one time which pleased me no end!

Google Reopens their Play Books Publisher Program

The Google Publisher Program allowed independent authors and small presses to sell ebooks in the Google Play bookstore. When the program was active it become a…

Further to my finding my material linked with smut or released without my permission, DRM is a useful way for authors to protect their work with the equivalent of a watermark to stop the pirates stealing someone else’s work or you can trace where it has come from supposedly.

Everything you need to know about Social DRM for ebooks.

The vast majority of major publishers in North America use very intrusive DRM by Adobe that prevents users from easily backing up their online purchases and…


So that’s me for the week.  Let me know what you think or any thoughts on how to combat the pirates!

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Christopher Percy x

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