August 2017 #BookishTues Roundup

Each week on Twitter Nicola Noble provides a theme for quotes from Work in Progress (WIP) or past works.  So I thought I’d participate and submit my quotes from Dark of Winter during August. Thank you Nicola for the themes each week.


So for last month I submitted the following quotes:


I promise you that we did kill one. Hasn’t your friend, Longhat, told you about the Dark of Winter?

The Mind

Damn his conscience. He did not need it, not today.


He could hear noises, dreadful noises coming from the shore, but he dared not crawl outside.


He could easily take her aside, and in the confusion, put a blade through her heart.


Recently he had been having bad dreams. When the night was at its blackest, he heard voices calling to him, beckoning him.

Let me know which one is your favourite and what insight you think this particular quote gives you into the Dark of Winter.

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